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It’s actually making me want to learn to code. Also if anyone has any screenshots of “advanced” let me know, because the “teachers” are HOT AF

The fact that they call themselves the “virgins” is also hot.

I don’t see why some people are up in arms about this. The porn industry in general objectifies women to possibly the greatest extreme imaginable (although there are some women who see it the opposite, but that’s another story).

What different is this? People are going to pay money to watch women strip, like they have for centuries, and wow, perhaps they will do something productive at the same time? [sarcasm] How unthinkable! [/sarcasm]

As for those that say it’s marginalizing women in the STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Math) field, I have to give in to that argument. I can imagine the pain of being a girl in the coding industry right now and cringing at this website. When you look on a wider scale however, women in STEM have a lot of issues to deal with to gain equality and we should sympathize with them. However, how much of that simply comes with being a male dominated field? Something men tend to do when together doing stupid “manly” things is end up seeing women as less, unfortunately. NOT ALL MEN DO THIS. But it’s a fact, if it’s ok to talk about pr0n for example with your guy friends, it’s ok to talk about codebabes. I don’t know, this is very complicated. 

As usual, two sides to every story.

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